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Tips, Tricks, and Hints for Landlords

This website is a great place to get tips, advice, and free information to make the process of being a part-time landlord both inexpensive and time efficient. Having a full-time job makes the process of being a landlord more difficult. I currently am an employee at a manufacturing company working 40+ hours a week and at the same time, I own six rental properties. Two of the rental properties are apartment buildings and four are single family homes. I have a total of 18 tenants.

Most people who I know can not believe I can carry a full-time job and own that many properties that I manage by myself. I find it often takes me less than an hour a week to manage the properties and most weeks it takes no time. This website will give you, a part-time landlord, lots of information to allow you to minimize time, effort, and costs that took me years to collect and that I currently use to manage my properties. Read through this website like a book, page by page, to learn as much as possible as a part-time landlord.

The following sections of the website provide valuable information you will need to know as a landlord:

  • Advantages of Rentals - Learn the advantages of owning rental properties over other investment.

  • Landlord Considerations - Before buying your first rental property, there are items you will want to consider and understand before being a landlord.

  • Rental Buying Process - This section steps you through the process of purchasing rental property that is used as an investment.

  • Advertising Your Rentals - Learn how to effectively market and advertise your rental properties to reduce the amount of time it takes to rent a property. Discover a free way to advertise your rental on a limited budget.

  • Tenant Application Process - Discover detailed steps with investigating an applicant who may rent a property you own. Download a free tenant application you can use for your house or apartment building.

  • Tenant Lease Process - Review lease details to insure you have the best lease for a single family property or apartment building. Download a free tenant rental lease agreement you can use for your house or apartment building you rent.

  • Tenant Move-in Process - Learn the process involved with a tenant moving into a rental property you own including the use of a check-in sheet.

  • Collecting Rent - Discover effective ways to obtain rent payments from your tenants quickly and with the least amount of issues. Use rental property management software to keep track of rents, rental property, and tenants.

  • Rental Property Maintenance - Obtain lots of hints, tips, and tricks to effectively manage rental properties. Know when it is best to use a skilled contractor, a handy-man, or do the maintenance work yourself.

  • Tenant Move-Out - Insure you understand the processes involved when a tenant moves out of a property you own, including details on the security deposit.

  • Tenant Eviction Process - Learn the steps involved with evicting a tenant from serving the eviction notice to going to court. Hopefully you never have to evict, but if this is an option you have to pursue, know the details regarding evictions.

  • Landlord Incorporation - Know the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating your rental business.

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